Legal Updates

Legal Updates for February 2018

Developments in International Arbitration, Construction & Projects in 2017
Dispute resolution in the field of international arbitration, construction and projects is often fast-paced and intricate, with constant interaction between the litigation framework and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. In 2017, the Singapore courts faced numerous cases in this area, and our team from Rajah & Tann has had the opportunity to be involved in a number of these disputes. In this Client Update, we highlight some of the notable decisions issued over the course of the past year in the areas of international arbitration, construction and projects.

Employment Law in Focus - Key Changes to Note in 2018
Employment laws in Singapore are seeing a shift, which seemingly started slowly but has certainly hit hard in the last year or two. It has brought about more rights for employees, which is positive; yet at the same time may cause employers to trip if they have not been updated. As we move on to 2018, employers should take note of the changing face of Singapore’s employment law, and ensure that agreements, policies and other employment-related documents are updated to reflect these changes. At the same time, employees should keep abreast of such changes to understand how their rights and obligations have been affected. In this update, we highlight various legislative and policy changes which took place in the last year or so, focusing on areas of key concern for employers and employees.

PDPC Issues Response to Feedback Received from the Public Consultation on the Review of the PDPA
On 1 February 2018, the Personal Data Protection Commission issued its response to feedback received from a public consultation made on 27 July 2017 for the review of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012. This Update summarises the response from the PDPC and its new proposals to the feedback received, as well as our preliminary views to the response.

Recognition of Foreign Insolvency under the UNCITRAL Model Law
The case of Re: Zetta Jet Pte Ltd and others [2018] SGHC 16 is the first reported decision from the Singapore High Court on the recognition of foreign insolvency proceedings under the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency, providing a demonstration of how the courts will apply the new law. In its decision, the High Court granted limited recognition to the foreign insolvency representative. This Update provides a summary of the decision.

CCS Consults on Guidance Note for Competition Assessment of Airline Alliance Agreements
On 22 January 2018, the CCS published its draft guidance note in relation to its assessment of airline alliance agreements for public consultation. The note is meant to assist airlines and their legal counsel in their self-assessment of airline alliances, in view of the increasing number of airline alliance agreements that have been notified to the CCS - even in cases where competition concerns were remote. This Update provides a summary of the key areas within the draft note and their possible implications to businesses. It also raises some observations and questions for businesses to consider in relation to the note, for them to provide their further comments and feedback.

Key Legislative and Regulatory Developments in Singapore for 2017
This Update provides a summary of the key legislative and regulatory developments in Singapore for the year 2017.

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